New Low Price: Gray Market Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for $2749 (Reg $3499)


New Low Price: now you can get the gray market Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera body for $2749 only at Electronics Valley via eBay with 1-year seller warranty. Limited time and Limited quantity available. This is currently lowest price online ever from gray market. The regular price of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV body is $3499 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama.

Gray Market Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body: $2749 at Electronics Valley via eBay

About Gray Market Models:

The gray market (imported) models always come with a cheaper price, but NO Canon/Nikon/Sony USA warranty, you can get 1 year seller warranty instead. The gray market (imported) models are shipping worldwide, and there are no physical differences between imported models and USA models. A easier way to understand this is: If you have enough money and can afford the camera or lens, go to the stores with USA warranty (Amazon, B&H, Adorama), if you love some camera/lens very much and want to get a budget deal/cheaper price, go to the grey market models.

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